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Conceived by

Tim Fain

Violinist, Producer & Creative Director

Kate Hackett

Film Director & Co-Producer

Benjamin Millepied

Choreograper & Director, Dance Films

Leonard Cohen

Spoken Word

Nicholas Britell


Fred Child

Voice Actor

Craig Black

Haylee Nichele
Julia Eichten

Jacob Rubin

Editor, Spoken Word

Francois Pierre Couture

Production Designer, Kaneko

Kirsten Oglesby
Assistant Production Desiger

Roderick Murray
Lighting Design

KANEKO, Hal France, Executive Director
Film Producer

Elizabeth Dworkin
Executive Producer


Cat Deakins
Director Photography
Brad Gilmore, CSA

in Omaha, NE

Chad Bishoff 

Line Producer

Mark Hoeger
Filming consultant

Natalie Greer
Make-up Artist

John Pycha

Mike Mastre 

Assistant Camera

Mike Krainak

Kevin Cowan

Lora Davis

Wes Clowers
Set Construction and Art Department Head

Greg Rohde
Art Department

Sean Robert Ward
Art Department

John Adams
Piano Mover/Tuner
Steve Miller
Dog& Pony Video Asst. Prodcution
Rick Weiner
On-Set Audio Playback

in New York, NY

Matt Snetzko
Assistant Director

Garrett Fennelly

Line Producer

Peter Donohue 

Production Assistant

Silver Screen, Aaron & Molly Zavitz
B Camera Operators

in Lincoln, NE

Steven Gottlieb
Sound Mixer

Andrew Bauer
Production Coordinator, Kaneko

Natalie Greer
Make-up Artist

Nicholas Britell
Sound Design / Audio Production
Chris Ruskis
Audio Mixing/Consulting
Chris Athens
Mastering Engineer
M.P. Kuo
Recording Engineer / Sound Editor


Honest Music electronic track produced by Valgeir SigurĂ°sson
Music recorded at Systems Two Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Music mixed and edited at Lake George Entertainment, NYC
Music mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC
Color Correction for Kate Hackett's Films by Hot Pixel
Hot Pixel Founder and CEO, Art Freed, Colorist, Bruce Goodman


Maybach Foundation
Baryshnikov Arts Center
Ringling International Festival
Joan Audiberti
Peter Benoliel
Nicholas Britell
Karen Bromley
Stephanie Caplan
Emily Chang
D. Kevin Dolan
Marci Field,
Charles & Rochel Gallistel
Hsia, David W.
Kramer, Elizabeth
Levy, Ellen Frell
Robert Matunus
Nadia Meralta
Carrie Molay
Mary Moy,
Atadika Novisi
Joseph Piropato
Laila Robins
Roger Samet
Jonathan and Andrew J.Schorr
Matthew Strassler
Joan Weltz
Paul & Bernice Witkovsky
R. Suzanne Zukin & Michael Bennett

Special Thanks to:
Jun and Ree Kaneko
Michael Boriskin and Copland House
Ron and Elka Altbach
Robert B. Kory, Esq.
Robert and Karen Duncan
Jonathan and Andrew Schorr
Susan Thames
Jacqueline Scoones